Frequency setting range of inverter can reach 0-400Hz
ED510 380V ED510 series 15KW (including) ED600 series 30KW (including)
The input of the overvoltage will cause tripping, or even damage inverter internal circuit.
Yes, the input frequency range of the INVT inverter is 47-63Hz.
When the inverter is not used, the leakage current is generally small. When using the inverter, as the power module of the inverter is high speed switch, the output current has the existence of high harmonics. There is a sense of inductance between the cable and the ground and the cable, resulting in a large leakage current (which can be up to 10 times less than the frequency inverter).
No, the inverter with fixed frequency has output voltage, and the motor input has a large current, which causes the protection of inverter.
Power consumption of the inverter is 3-4%.
V/F sine pulse width modulation mode, open loop vector control mode, closed-loop vector control mode and direct torque control mode converter.

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