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With the current global development trend, paper making industry began to pay more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection issues. In the paper making industry fields, the process technology requirement is very high. To meet this requirement, we should make sure the driving system is able to work stable and continuously.

Invent Power Tech Paper Industry Solution

Overall The system is with the control method of PLC combined with VFDs. According to the paper machine and production process flow, papers on the paper machine prolong longitudinally at wet end due to traction action; papers continue to prolong longitudinally when the dry end starts; after the water content of papers reduces, such prolonging reduces; and when papers enter paper calendaring and reeling machines, they prolong once again due to traction. Therefore, in the whole production line of the paper machine, the speed of each individual is different so as to keep tension for paper web. Meantime, the speed of each individual of the paper machine shall be adjustable so as to avoid loose of paper web or breaking caused by tensioning, with speed regulating range of each individual: 10-15%.

Relying on the excellent performance of Invent Power Tech VFD for paper making machine, the customers reduced the maintenance cost, and the paper product quality is better and smooth. Checked by the tachometer, the speed runs stable, and the electricity cost reduced after adopting our drive.

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