Cement Industry Solution

In cement plants, Invent Power Tech provide controlled torque and speed to the kiln, which increases the life of the mechanical system, and reduces maintenance and operating costs. We also provide feedback signals, which improve cement kiln process control.

Invent Power Tech Cement Industry Solution

A tremendous amount of effort has also been put into developing the advanced diagnostic features, which work to greatly reduce downtime and troubleshooting time.


The controlled, timed acceleration provided by a Invent Power Tech is very beneficial for the kiln, compared to starting the kiln motor directly from the AC line. Rapid, across-the-line starting of the kiln motor could result in unwanted torsional oscillations and stresses in parts of the driven machine. For example, a typical kiln could easily be accelerated to top speed in 2 to 3 seconds if the motor were permitted to do so. But the kiln’s long cylindrical tube, large reduction gear, and its associated mechanisms would be subjected to excessive stresses and perhaps damage. A precisely controlled, timed kiln acceleration helps extend equipment life, and maintain consistent product output


Inverters for Cement Industry

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