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Paper Industry Solution

Overall The system is with the control method of PLC combined with VFDs. According to the paper machine and production process flow, papers on the paper machine prolong longitudinally at wet end due to traction action; papers continue to prolong longitudinally when the dry end starts

Cable Industry Solution

In the wire and cable industry, many processes begin with pay-off and end with take-up wire. In the part of pay-off wire, how to control the uneven tension is the urgent difficulty for many equipment design engineers and products control engineers.

Mining Industry Solution

Invert Power Tech is a leading designer and manufacturer of variable frequency drives for mining applications. We have a proven track record for reliability and value in the mining industry with over 15 years of experience.

Air Compressor Solution

Invent Power Tech has been engaged in the compressor industry for many years and is the leading enterprise in the compressor industry. We have a variety of industry solutions to meet customer needs and provide the best energy saving and environmental protection for compressor industry to make a contribution.

Textile Industry Solution

Access multiple varieties of powerful, robust, and efficient textile industry inverter at Invent Power Tech. These textile industry inverter are equipped with the latest technologies and come with distinct power capacities to serve your purpose with ease.

Elevators & Escalators Solution

Invent Power Tech Elevator drives are built to handle the most difficult and demanding elevator and escalator applications. Integrated brake handling and proven motor control provide excellent ride quality. High overloads and protective features provide years of trouble-free operation.

Solar Pump Solution

With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the working efficiency of PV panel becomes better, benefited from the development of the electronic and internet, Invent Power Tech invests in R & D resources for developing a new solution, making installation simple and reliable. The new product learns experience from last…

Cement Industry Solution

In cement plants, Invent Power Tech provide controlled torque and speed to the kiln, which increases the life of the mechanical system, and reduces maintenance and operating costs. We also provide feedback signals, which improve cement kiln process control.

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