Elevator & Escalator Solution

Invent Power Tech Elevator drives are built to handle the most difficult and demanding elevator and escalator applications. Integrated brake handling and proven motor control provide excellent ride quality. High overloads and protective features provide years of trouble-free operation.

Invent Power Tech Elevator & Escalator Solution

During the past 15+ years, Invent Power Tech has earned a reputation as the premier Elevator Drive supplier. Our drives can be used on small up to large high-speed high-rise buildings. Counterweighted traction elevators naturally regenerate energy during operation. Our unit allows this energy to be returned to the building power instead of being dissipated as wasted heat across a resistor. High-speed, high-usage elevators are prime candidates for our inverter technology.

Invert Power Tech leads the way in VFDs for escalator applications. Our escalator drives are highly compact and efficient, making them ideal for 24/7 operation. Our drives are compatible with a wide range of motor types, including induction and permanent magnet motors, as well as various motor control options (Basic Volts/Hertz Control, etc.).

Our drives allow escalators to lower their speed when not in use via sensor technology, improving energy savings while reducing wear on mechanical components over time. We’ve helped customers reduce energy up to 80% by implementing our escalator drives. Our escalator drive solutions are replete with flexible design features to support all major protocols while ensuring efficiency and safety.

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