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In the wire and cable industry, many processes begin with pay-off and end with take-up wire. In the part of pay-off wire, how to control the uneven tension is the urgent difficulty for many equipment design engineers and products control engineers.

Invent Power Tech Cable Industry Solution

In the past electric design, the engineers used to adopt the A/D, D/A module of PLC, using PCB with tension control technique, and gain the pay-off speed by read the potential of potentiometer with tension swing bar. In this method to maintain a constant tension, it usually adopts the signal line from potentiometer with the tension swing bar and analog signal line from the D/A module which control the speed of the variable frequency drive (VFD). They are too long, that brings the signal distortion easily.

Besides, take-up wheels with different axis diameter corresponds to inner parameters of PID of different PLC, if PID setting is not suitable, the pay-off line is easy to be unstable and the tension is hard to be constant, which will impact the quality of the product.

Application of Invent Power Tech VFD in wire and cable industry, have solved the electric control problem of power pay-off wire rack and take-up wheel in the industry. The line connection is simple. The VFD has PID and closed-loop control function itself, instead of the A/D, D/A modules and PLC programmed. Any common electric maintainer can operate it. Invent Power Tech VFD should be the first choice of reform for old pay-off wire rack in wire and cable industry.

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