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Invent Power Tech has been engaged in the compressor industry for many years and is the leading enterprise in the compressor industry. We have a variety of industry solutions to meet customer needs and provide the best energy saving and environmental protection for compressor industry to make a contribution.

Invent Power Tech Air Compressor Solution

Air Compressor is a kind of machine which compresses the air to increase the air pressure or to transport air. Since it’s always possible that the compressor works for long time with full load, it’s necessary to determine the motor capacity according to the largest demand. Thus the design margin usually too large. Besides, the wearing of the bearing is very large, which causes more maintenance. Although both are started by decompression, the current is still very large when the air-compressor is started, which will affect the steady of the power system and the safety of other equipment. Because the dragging machine of the common air-compressor can’t raise speed by itself, it’s impossible to decrease the speed to fit for the power directly through changing pressure or flow. The machine can’t allow to be started too frequently, thus the machine still needs to work without load, which wastes a lot of power.

Using Invent Power Tech advanced vector control frequency inverter can supply larger torque when the machine runs at low speed and automatically compensate speed change of high-load running. Excellent dynamic, as well as the excellent over-loaded capacity can meet various needs in many fields.

Invent Power Tech frequency inverter need very little maintenance cost. Compared with the traditional V/F control, vector inverter has the improved low-speed-running feature and the ability of regulating the speed under changeable load situation is also improved, gains higher torque for starting as well. This has significant advantage in the starting of series friction and inertia load. Just because of this feature, this control technology becomes the first choice of the customers.

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